N.A. Nation called her performance, "an emotional roller coaster. Hradecky's voice is a gut wrenching guilty pleasure,"...

(Spectator on Line, Jan. 2001) Nathan Gelguid wrote...

"the patrons sipped their drinks and hung on her every lyric, " he continues, "Her similarities to Elliot Smith are immediately apparent, but the comparison is definitely favorable, and will complement rather than haunt her in what should be a vibrant career for this songwriter and performer."

Denise Hradecky, grew up in the Chicago area. She moved to Boston in 1996 and started writing and performing at local clubs where she began to make a name for herself.

Early on, she caught the attention of NYC lawyer, Richard Grabel.

In 2000, Denise moved to Raleigh, NC and began to record "lots of different stuff, and songs."

All the while, making trips and performing in Boston, (Bill's bar, The paradise club, the Kendall), New York, (the Fez, Brownies, coney island), Raleigh, (King's Barcade, humble pie), chapel hill (go!, 506 and cat's cradle).

In 2001 her recordings were picked up by producer Anthony Resta, acting as Executive producer, to complete the latest 6-song EP.

Resta says the songs are, "introspective, melancholy indie pop gems".

Denise says... "It is hard to sit back for so long and have people pick you apart, or say you're no good. Just waiting is hard and you have to remember who you are and where you came from to be able to be strong enough not to let all the ins and outs of it get to you. I try to remember what a true gift music is and how thankful I am for it."

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Denise will be appearing:

Humble Pie - Raleigh, NC
Saturday, December 21st

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Songs from the 7" record:  

Old 45 listen to Old 45 by clicking here...
Uh-Oh listen to Uh-Oh by clicking here...

Songs from the CD EP:  

On the Brink
Underground listen to Underground by clicking here...
Uh-Oh listen to Uh-Oh by clicking here...
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